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Private 1:1 Mentorship with Mrs. Williams-Bey

Are you ready to tap into your inner power and complete God’s purpose for you in life? Do you have a passion for business that you want to put into practice?

If yes, don’t wait any longer. 

I’m Mrs. Cynthia William-Bey, and I am a mother of six, a celebrated business mogul, motivational speaker, and published author. Today, I’m the proud owner of three profitable businesses. But once, I was just like you, standing at the starting line with only an idea in mind and a passion for greatness. 

I can help you unleash your greatness and help you build your business empire with 1:1 Private Mentorship. 


Let’s get started. 

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What’s holding you back from being great?

Being a woman is hard work. You may have put your dreams of starting a business on hold as life sweeps you away from your purpose. 

There are many reasons why you may have limited your true potential and stand on the sidelines. The biggest shackles come in the form of marriage and motherhood. Have you felt guilt-ridden at the thought of choosing personal ambition over your family?  

There’s also a fear of the unknown and the fear about the kind of future you’ll encounter. You are not alone - if you have felt this struggle. Many women, especially those from marginalized communities, worry about the lack of resources and opportunities. Without sufficient money and people to help, you may not know how or where to start. 

Then there are the personal limitations that you often subject yourself to feel. Lack of self-confidence, the absence of a concrete plan, business vision, and the belief that you are too old, too unskilled, not educated enough, not charismatic enough, not smart enough, and so on can leave you stuck without a sense of direction. 

You may be doing this to yourself too. You may be telling yourself all these things and stopping yourself from achieving your life’s purpose – the purpose that God intended for you.

Korrin Carter

Working with Cindy has been an absolute pleasure! She has been extremely hands-on throughout this entire process. From the initial consultation, where she took a tour of our building, to assisting with revisions after our licensing application was first submitted. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Korrin Carter
It’s Time to Tap Into Your Inner Pool of Greatness and Reach Your Full Potential

Daughterhood, wifehood, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are some of the most precious moments in life. These beautiful moments shouldn’t fetter you; instead, they should free you to pursue what you want. 

You’ve been waiting on the sidelines long enough. It’s time to come on stage and enter the spotlight. You are great, you are capable, and you can achieve anything you set your mind too. God has created a unique plan for you, and now is the time to put it into action. 

Is following your dreams risky? Of course, it is, but your dreams are worth the risk, and you deserve the rewards. So, come on - take a leap of faith, and let’s start on this beautiful journey together.

Transform your life and business in just six months

Six months. That’s how long it takes for a newborn to learn how to roll and sit up. That’s how long it takes for plants like tomatoes and chilies to germinate, grow, and yield fruits multiple times over. That’s how long it takes for your business to transform from a simple idea to a flourishing, profitable venture. 

So, you can either do what you’re doing now and continue to ignore your life’s calling, or you can join me and manifest your dreams. 

What’s it going to be? 


I’ve spent over 10 years mentoring budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them channel their passion, creativity, and resources into setting-up the business venture of their dreams. 


Through my 1:1 Private Mentorship, you can

  • Recognize your hidden strengths and talents. 

  • Get a clear vision for your new business. 

  • Plan with purpose and work smartly. 

  • Identify life’s abundant opportunities and learn how to tap into them. 

  • Learn how to identify your competitors’ weaknesses and know how to turn them to your advantage.

  • Rediscover your passion for life and lead a truly fulfilled life. 

  • Acknowledge that you don’t have to give something up to gain something in return. 


Although I have experience mentoring all types of businesses, I specialize in mentorship for daycare services and child care businesses. If you’re interested in starting a child care business, I’d be very happy to share my personal experience and business insights with you.

What happens during 1:1 Private Business Coaching?

During our first call, we take a deep dive into your vision and business plan. We will create a customized plan for the next 6-12 months in full alignment with your expectations and business vision. We identify your goals, challenges, and strengths and lay the foundation for your booming empire. 


Every plan needs direction to yield results. Our bi-weekly 1:1 Zoom meetings are meant to keep you focused. We recap your week’s achievements and challenges, strategize how to succeed, and plan day-to-day strategies for the next week. 


Need help immediately, but your next call with me is days away? You’re always welcome to reach out via text or voice message. When you work with me, you never have to worry about not having anyone in your corner. I’m always available to provide guidance and advice for unanticipated business problems, anytime, anywhere.



You can implement the RIGHT changes only when you have the RIGHT information. That’s where feedback helps. From poring over your balance sheet to scrutinizing your advertising campaign, I can help you look over your business information and provide actionable feedback that can help you succeed. 

If this sounds great, go ahead, schedule your 1:1 private mentoring and business consulting with me today.  

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