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"Sometimes your freedom is tied into the risk you take to free others." - Mrs. Williams-Bey

A timely speech or presentation can transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I have experienced this in my personal life, and the rewards have been brilliant.

Hello, I am Prophetess Cynthia Williams-Bey, a mother of 6, a widow, a business mogul, a published author, a coach, and a motivational speaker. I’ve presented and spoken at multiple conferences, corporate events, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, sharing my life experience and professional insights to women passionate about building and creating their new business.

I am a real example of someone who has not allowed their past defeats to dictate their future.

You see, my life was far from perfect, and my journey to where I am today was not always comfortable.  I’ve been through terrible times at the hands of an abusive partner, and surviving domestic violence gave me the courage and spirit needed to turn my life around and create an incredible life for myself and my family. When the time came for me to take my destiny into my own hands and make tough choices - God reminded me of my inner strength, resourcefulness, and power.  I walked into my purpose and never looked back.

My business journey was also challenging and exciting.  I learned incredible lessons that most business owners are afraid to share, but I've learned that transparency is my superpower, and my business lessons help other women.

My firm belief in God, my courage, and a leap of faith are why I am renowned for being a successful business owner, a 6-time published author, and a radio host of The Mrs. Williams-Bey Radio Show - on Rejoice WREJ Richmond, VA 101.3 FM 990 AM.

I give back and share what I've learned by sharing my life and business experiences.


As a budding entrepreneur, I attended talks, panel discussions, and workshops by other women business moguls, soaking in their extensive knowledge and adopting their strength. They have been instrumental in helping me reach where I am today as a speaker.  


I have learned how to craft my unique story into a message that inspires women from all walks of life through corporate and event speaking services, and I have committed myself to ignite a spark in women who desire to win in life and business.

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My Most Requested Events

All you need is a room full of like-minded people who come together to learn from one another and create something spectacular.

​At my speaking events, I create an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, creativity, and passion. When everything is said and done, attendees take back unique perspectives that will give wings to their life and business visions.

The events I speak at are

  • Conferences & Keynote Events

  • Corporate Training Sessions

  • Breakout Sessions & Workshops

  • Moderator + Host Discussions

  • Panel Participation

  • Podcast & Radio Shows

Mrs. Williams-Bey

Recommended Signature Topics

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As a woman business mogul successfully balancing family and marriage, my experience as an entrepreneur has been different from most. Women face unique challenges that their male counterparts usually don’t. My years of struggle and transformative life experiences have given me unique insight into how a woman can succeed in this competitive business world.


My signature topics are designed to help married women business owners and budding female entrepreneurs break free from their limitations and make their way to greatness. If you are looking for a speaker who can encourage women to get off the sidelines and into the spotlight - consider my signature topics: 

Mrs. Williams-Bey
Signature Topics for Women
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“5 Ways to Win In Your Home Business and Mind”


The most debilitating obstacle for any entrepreneur is mind block. A negative mindset and a belief that you’re not good enough can set you back years, or sometimes, prevent you from ever reaching your full potential. 

This signature topic will lead women on a personal journey with God and discover as they converse with Him; they will find their real purpose and learn how to execute His plan. 

“5 Ways to Count Yourself Back In”


The world has a legacy of discounting women. When you get married or become a mother, your dreams experience/face further resistance. However, you can only achieve true greatness when you ignore the naysayers and believe in yourself.

In this signature topic, attendees will learn how to love themselves, respect their strengths, and count themselves back in the game.

”5 Ways to Break Free from Bondage”


For many women, the real shackles aren’t external but internal. In this session, attendees identify the bondage that limits them from achieving their purpose and root them out of their mind and heart. Attendees learn to embrace the real self, identify opportunities in the world, and take control of their destiny. 

Signature Topics for Daycare Providers
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My very first entrepreneurial experience was a daycare center that I started in the early 2000s. Today, I am opening my second daycare location, and my centers are one of my most successful ventures. As an early childhood educator, child care specialist, daycare start-up consultant, and child care entrepreneur has given me immense insight into creating profitable child care businesses. 


If you need a seasoned speaker for your upcoming child care industry event, you should consider one of my signature topics: 

“5 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table to Increase Your Bottom Line”


Knowing what you’re worth is half the battle won. But most first-time entrepreneurs are unsure how to charge for their child care services and grow their earnings.


In this signature topic, attendees identify their real value, learn how to demand their rightful dues, and explore where to invest their earnings to grow them tenfold. 

“5 Ways to Overcome Criticism and Bad Publicity”


The world is full of critics and naysayers. But your value doesn’t – shouldn’t – depend on what they say about you.


In this signature topic, attendees will explore what makes their child care business better than their competitors and learn how to let their work speak for them. Attendees will also learn how to leverage the right legal counsel power and turn negative publicity into good. 

“5 Ways to Make An Impact in the Community You Serve”


Every community is diverse, just as every child is unique. Customization is key to a successful daycare business, especially within the community you serve.


In this signature topic, attendees will learn how to assess their market’s individuality and create bespoke services that align with their unique strengths and their customer's needs. 

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