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Demetria Buie

Demetria Buie

CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, International speaker, Magazine owner & Event host.

Demetria Buie Ministries & DB Publications

I met Mrs. Cynthia Williams-Bey on Facebook a few years ago after posting my desire to add new Speakers for my then to happen conference and I absolutely loved her Facebook profile, her spirit, and Vision after she reached out. She was very professional, ready to work, and delivered everything we needed on time, and in the order we asked for her speaking day!

She has continued to impress me as a great communicator and we spoke at two of my Conferences. It was amazing having her; she spoke well, dressed well, delivered with excellence and delivered within the time frame she was given. Cynthia has a natural ability to moderate focus groups by using her warmth and passion to make respondents feel at ease. She also took the time to understand the subject so she could quickly shift from topic to topic in a meaningful way. She was also instrumental in every aspect leading with Entrepreneurs, making our work as the client quite seamless. She is fantastic to work with.

 Korinn Carter - Somebody's to Somebodies Youth Care

Korinn Carter

Working with Cindy has been an absolute pleasure! She has been extremely hands-on throughout this entire process. From the initial consultation, where she took a tour of our building, to assisting with revisions after our licensing application was first submitted. Cindy is exceptionally knowledgeable and is an expert in her field. We were able to use her 15+ years of experience in child care to jump start our program and successfully pivot our services in the midst of the global pandemic. We highly recommend anyone starting, improving, or expanding their child care program to connect with Cindy and have the same quality experience that we had. It takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for the providers of trusted child care. We are blessed to be a part of the Heaven Sent Child Care network and will continue to work with Cindy for years to come! 

Sheryll Golden

Sheryll Golden

CEO, Author, and Image Consultant

Magnetic Beauty

I have attended events with Mrs. Williams-Bey. She has such a compelling story of overcoming tribulations in her life and has used them to create a positive environment for childcare. The situations she endured with her own son were less than optimal. She is so authentic and sincere and I certainly would seek out her services for childcare if I needed them as I know she would treat them like her own.
As a speaker, she holds a captive audience as her story is heartfelt  and compelling.

Michelle Toler

Michelle Toler

Regional Vice President 


Mrs.Williams-Bey is a passionate, focused, and inspiring speaker. Her transparency allows her to connect with her audience in such a way that it motivates them to keep fighting and moving forward to their path of greatness!

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