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8-Week Program to Start & Grow A Home Daycare

Have you lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic? Are you looking for ways you can achieve financial freedom? Then starting a home daycare may be the RIGHT solution for you. 

The child care sector is a billion-dollar industry that is rapidly evolving and growing. With more people returning to the workforce due to Covid-19 pandemic and unexpected daycare center closures - there is a shortage in the market for trustworthy early childhood educators.


There simply are not enough quality providers to meet high demands. The high demand for child care services makes starting your own daycare business a promising venture that could help you achieve financial freedom. 

Learn from the BEST in the Daycare Industry 

This 8-week program offered by Daycare Domination's co-founder, Mrs. Williams-Bey will focus on valuable, practical lessons on starting a successful, thriving home daycare business. 

You will receive exclusive lessons from the best in the daycare industry. Mrs. Williams-Bey will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the industry based on over 15 years of knowledge and experience in starting, launching, and growing multiple centers. 

She will take you step-by-step throughout the process of how to start a home daycare business, guiding you from start to finish. This course is not your typical program, where you touch only surface-level information. Mrs. Williams-Bey will share what she learned from her own experiences and the costly mistakes to avoid. 

From creating a business plan to licensing, budgeting and billing, government funding opportunities, best operation practices, legalities, safety, branding/marketing, and more, you will learn how to navigate this venture efficiently. You will also learn how to earn the trust of parents and how to scale your business. All in all, you will discover pretty much everything there is to know about how to launch your own daycare program successfully. 


Meet Your Instructor

Mrs. Williams Bey was featured on Entrepreneur’s podcast ‘Problem Solvers’ for successfully keeping her business afloat and thriving even during the pandemic. She was also invited by Childcare Decisions 2020 as a panel speaker alongside Virginia's First Lady Pamela Northam to help guide daycare providers and educators on navigating the pandemic and reopening their daycare centers. 

Sign up for our waitlist today to learn how to start your daycare business from the best in the industry!

Mrs. Williams-Bey

The Secret to Launching and Operating A Successful Business As A Couple

Do you have bigger dreams for you and your family? Are you someone who wants to build a secure future with your spouse?


Starting a business with your spouse could help you achieve your dreams and help you build a bright and secure future for your family.  Launching your own business with your partner sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you are equipped with the RIGHT knowledge and resources

With the B.E.A.T. program taught by business power couple Cynthia Williams-Bey and her husband, Andri-Williams-Bey, you will learn how Breaking Everyday Average Thinking can catapult your business-startup idea into a successful reality.

Take Charge of Your life – Achieve Financial Freedom 

A program that can help you start a business with your spouse and achieve financial freedom together, B.E.A.T. provides you exclusive access to the proven ways you can find professional success with your spouse while balancing your relationship. 

You can take charge of your life and work towards a better future for your family, and this program will teach you all that you need to know. You will learn how to launch your business, balance financial pressures, and set and meet business goals. 

Mr. and Mrs. Williams Bey will teach you how to break out of thinking and attitudes that do not serve you so that you can take control of your life and your marriage. 

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Find Success As A Couple with Minimal Strain On Your Relationship 

When people think about the effort it takes to start a business with your spouse; they often assume that it requires too much work, sacrifice, and compromise.


How could you possibly do business with your partner without it affecting your marriage? Is it possible to launch a business with your spouse and still ensure a happy and healthy relationship at home? 

Mrs. Williams-Bey and her husband have done it, and they are ready to share with you the secret to achieving it all. Your marriage doesn’t have to suffer. You can pursue your business start-up idea with your spouse without having to worry about your relationship deteriorating, and the B.E.A.T. program will show you exactly how. 

Learn REAL Business Lessons from REAL People 

Entrepreneurship can be a lucrative field when done right, and Mrs. Williams-Bey and her husband are living proof. The Beys own several successful businesses, including two daycare centers, Heaven Sent Child Care, Heaven Sent Foundation, DreamPro Productions, and a radio show, Mrs. Williams-Bey Radio Show. Mrs. Williams-Bey was even featured on Entrepreneur’s podcast ‘Problem Solvers’. 

The Beys have launched multiple businesses from scratch, and this couple has been through it all to get to where they are today. What better way to learn step-by-step strategies for operating a successful business than from real people who have lived and experienced everything you will on your entrepreneurship journey? 

The B.E.A.T. program is designed for people like you, keeping your needs and goals in mind. You will learn real and practical lessons of running a business with your spouse in detail and lessons for every step of your business journey. 

Join the waiting list for this program and make the first step towards a life that you have always dreamt of!

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